263 Commits (dev)

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  shuvit 840ef09d93 main 1 week ago
  shuvit 588dcf7d09 user2 1 week ago
  shuvit 5694a92cb9 fixing? 1 week ago
  shuvit 603f4926e4 npc rebirth 1 week ago
  shuvit efb2564ca2 lands n ragdoll things 1 week ago
  shuvit dfba7c2c92 adding ragdoll script 1 week ago
  shuvit 70d26bd4d6 lands and animations 1 week ago
  shuvit 0c687a0033 weekend models 2 weeks ago
  shuvit 8e14facab5 misc airs 2 weeks ago
  shuvit b12ffe6d35 grind corner aligns 2 weeks ago
  shuvit 0345b0794d cam states setup 2 weeks ago
  shuvit 7232b459f9 cam_linting 3 weeks ago
  shuvit a29975df90 everything else2 3 weeks ago
  shuvit 6d7f43425c everything else 3 weeks ago
  shuvit 0c17ac0613 CONT19 3 weeks ago
  shuvit 5b07e7279f world drawing 3 weeks ago
  shuvit fb95a581e5 camera fsm 3 weeks ago
  shuvit fcca3de3b5 ragdoll bpy 3 weeks ago
  shuvit 22db4e07a9 grinds 3 weeks ago
  shuvit eb84a2db6e action states 3 weeks ago
  shuvit 7ba51d7350 walks 3 weeks ago
  shuvit bd46cd1839 cameras 3 weeks ago
  shuvit 48fe426f53 configs 3 weeks ago
  shuvit c03cee45c9 git ignore 3 weeks ago
  shuvit 34753f10c2 fixing normals 2 months ago
  shuvit 3d3146dac3 low res 2 months ago
  shuvit 3410bd360d packing texturess2 2 months ago
  shuvit 5dbc90e376 packing texturess 2 months ago
  shuvit 64d1fd7c30 disabling larry 2 months ago
  shuvit 23fd05f4ef keyframes 2 months ago
  shuvit 252764ca94 keyframes 3 months ago
  shuvit 3cc89e4d5f sit and dropin sensors fix 3 months ago
  shuvit 0f978dcf57 manual reverts fix 3 months ago
  shuvit 9f0c8b270d replay keyframe testing 3 months ago
  shuvit a56238744c fixing sun again - WIP 3 months ago
  shuvit b9ff409ba5 misc unknown changes 3 months ago
  shuvit e6261e4576 things look fine 3 months ago
  shuvit 7674c7295a Merge branch 'physics_updates_2018' of Shuvit-Org/shuvit into dev 3 months ago
  shuvit cff5fe943d final 3 months ago
  shuvit 17bbd00cbc fixing grinding normals 3 months ago
  shuvit 7fb999d1a1 cleaning up physics2 3 months ago
  shuvit 594207c710 cleaning up physics 3 months ago
  shuvit 003fcc41be turns and fall fix 3 months ago
  shuvit d127b74bd2 glitchy ray collision 3 months ago
  shuvit 397a6cf14e glitchy ray collision 3 months ago
  shuvit 9fe50b06f7 controller reset when disconnected - replay bug 3 months ago
  shuvit 41738f0a30 fixing blinks 3 months ago
  shuvit 0a8b6a524a sc quarter pipes 4 months ago
  shuvit 306cff332c blinking2 4 months ago
  shuvit 24c7ba3bcc blinking 4 months ago